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Mock Audit

If you've ever second guessed the condition of your companies paperwork Conducting a Mock Audit through Smart Safety just might be your best bet. 


Just as real as the actual thing, we'll run through all the basis, making sure your company is up to par.


Outside of our mock audits we also work directly with companies who are preparing for a USDOT Audit. 


Here are the different types of Audits that we conduct:


  • Insurance 

  • New Entrant

  • Safety

  • Compliance Review

  • Focus Review



Post Audit 

After an Audit Sometimes Companies can be given a Unsatisfactory rating or a Conditional rating, Here at Smart Safety we can assist your company in Moving towards the right direction with a Satisfactory rating..

Below are the different remedies that we can provide in order to get that satisfactory rating that you need:


  • Compliance Safety Plans

  • Corrective Action Plan 

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