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Basic Company Setup

Whether you're new to trucking or a owner-operator looking to open up your own motor carrier, Smart Safety can help you get on the right track.

New company setup

In order to open up a motor carrier there are certain avenues one must go through to properly operate.

Smart safety can get you started with the following:

  • Opening a corporation

  • DOT number

  • MC number (interstate commerce)

  • Corpcode

  • Unified carrier registration

  • SCAC code

  • Security plan (Hazmat only)

  • Driver qualification files - we craft custom made DQ files, with policies specific to your company and freight hauled

New entrant audits

Any new companies must go through a new entrant audit in order to build proper safety data and ensure said company is following regulation. Not only can we host a new entrant audit for you, but also ensure you have all the rights tools and knowledge to move forward.

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